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Impeller & Industrial Valves, Oil & Gas Industry

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Oil & Gas Industry

Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry Parts

Sanat Gostar is proud to have a long history of cooperation with companies in various fields of oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. The company has so far been able to meet the needs of this sensitive sector, including industrial valves and impellers, from its special alloys to destructive and non-destructive testing, metallographic reports and complex heat treatment.

Non-destructive tests including Pt and Mt are performed in-house.

ریخته گری دقیق قطعات بخش انرژی،نفت و گاز و برق فشار قوی

Among the products of this particular industry, the following parts can be mentioned:

All kinds of industrial steel valves, internal parts of valves, pumps and impellers (open, enclosed and smie-open), sealing rings, , flanges, special connections and fittings…

نمونه سازی اولیه قطعات بخش انرژی با پرینتز سه بعدی ،نفت و گاز و برق فشار قوی

Using 3D printers for rapid prototyping

We introduce a new way to our customers for building a prototype. Instead of using expensive aluminum molds to make the original wax model, you can now use 3D printer for rapid prototyping. Due to the low volume and complexity of some projects, the use of 3D printing will be very effective in reducing costs.


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