“Food & Diary Industry”

Manufacturing Valves, Fittings, Industrial Meat Grinders Parts

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Food & Diary Industry

Food Industry & Meat Grinders Parts

Sanat Gostar manufactures various parts for the food and dairy industries, including steel fittings, industrial meat grinders parts and body, industrial steel valves like ball valve, gate valve, globe valve and etc as well as custom parts requested by our customers.

In food industry and companies that has a direct relation with the people’s health, finding the best alloy and method of producing the product plays an important role. In these industries, stainless steel is usually used due to the fact that these part are usually placed in environments that can be corrosive and exposed to high temperatures.

تولید قطعات صنایع غذایی و لبنی: اتصالات استیل ، پمپ و ایمپلر استیل | قطعات خطوط تولید بهداشتی

In many cases, the surfaces need to be mirror polished or electropolished. In terms of design, precision casting parts are designed to be “Near Net Shape”. And also it reduces or even eliminates the secondary operations and machining. The hardness of stainless steel makes any process and operation on the part difficult, so the secondary operations should be avoided as much as possible.

It should be noted that the investment casting method, also known as lostwax, gives us the freedom to design our parts. This enables us to easily produce steel parts with complex geometry.


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Investment Casting Industrial Meat Grinders Parts

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