“Stainless Steel Fittings”

Threaded fittings: Elbows, Caps, Unions, Reducing

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Stainless Steel Fittings

Pipe fittings are a general term used for plumbing components; Which are responsible for connecting, controlling, reorienting, branching, sealing and increasing pressure. Stainless steel fittings can be produced by two methods of casting and forging. Due to the high cost of forging dies, casting is used when the volume is smaller. Stainless steel is the best choice for casting various threaded fittings in small runs. 

However, it should be noted that casting parts need to be machined in order to make threads. Sanat Gostar Investment Casting specializes in the production of various types of steel fittings with 300 and 400 series steel alloys .


The most common types of steel fittings that are produced in our foundry are:

  • Elbow 90 F-F
  • Elbow 90 M-F
  • Elbow 45 F-F
  • Tee F
  • Cross F-F
  • Reducing Socket
  • Hex Plug
  • Cap
  • Union

The exact list of threaded steel fittings and pipe fittings produced by Sanat Gostar is given below as you could see in the pictures. You can also download the full PMP catalog (pdf) here.

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Steel Fittings Catalog
ریخته گری اتصالات استیل دنده ای | اتصالات استیل رزوه ای | زانویی استیل دنده ای 45 و 90 | چپقی استیل | تبدیل استیل دنده ای| مغزی استیل | سرشلنگی استیل | مهره ماسوره استیل | درپوش استیل | رو پیچ تو پیچ استیل
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